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Be a Women Worldwide Sponsor

The Women Worldwide podcast is celebrating its 5th year anniversary. We’re offering a unique opportunity to our partners and supporters, with a mid-roll sponsorship that involves a discussion about the book you’ve authored.

Most podcast sponsorships use live reads and share information — one way with no feedback. We want to raise the bar by showing an author’s work and involving our show guest in the mid-roll discussion about our sponsors’ books. Our sponsorship goes beyond memorizing information to an interactive conversation format.

Here are a couple of examples of our Host, Deirdre Breakenridge involving a Women Worldwide guests in sponsored mid-roll segments.


Look how Women Worldwide has grown:

  • The show has grown since 2014 when the show first launched. We’ve celebrated 1 million downloads and were nearing 2 million.
  • Deirdre has interviewed over 230 guests and we’ve moved the show from audio to now include video on YouTube.
  • The Women Worldwide audience is global and we have listeners in 50+ countries with approximately 5,000 organic downloads per show.

Help us celebrate the growth of Women Worldwide by having your book be a part of a mid-roll segment for maximum exposure with a growing audience of entrepreneurs and business professionals.

If you’re interested in having your book included in a lively discussion with expert guests who have large networks of their own, then email us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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