The host of Women Worldwide, Deirdre Breakenridge, welcomes her guest, Nicole Rodrigues, founder and CEO of NRPR Group in Beverly Hills.

Listen to find out what it takes to break barriers and stereotypes as a women in business. Nicole shares her thoughts on the challenges she faced, moving from the football field as an NFL Oakland Raiders Cheerleader to the boardroom. Her journey includes tackling obstacles and reaching her proudest moments by embracing her inner cheerleader.

A little more about Nicole Rodrigues… Nicole is an entrepreneur and very tech savvy entertainment publicist. Her extensive knowledge in bridging the gap between the technology and entertainment industries has allowed her to work with clients including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Dolby, Yahoo!, Sony Playstation, Hulu, and Hallmark.

Prior to launching her business, NRPR, Nicole’s career also included managing an international PR team at MobiTV, which is one of the pioneer solutions for digital & mobile entertainment delivery in the U.S. Before becoming an NFL Cheerleader, she spent a few years with the Oakland Raiders, managing player development campaigns and publicity projects.

You can connect with Nicole on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.