The host of Women Worldwide, Deirdre Breakenridge, welcomes her guest, Gabrielle Laine-Peters, Social Media (Digital) Consultant and Keynote Speaker.

Listen to find out how 9/11 and the power of community changes Gabrielle’s life. As a 9/11 survivor, she discusses her story; from what happened on September 11th to moving forward with a new focus and future. Gabrielle imparts advice and offers insights on how you can overcome tough challenges to find happiness, friendship and success.

A little more about Gabrielle … Gabrielle is a transatlantic speaker and social media consultant advising companies on the best way to use Social Media for Business. She uses her knowledge of tools and techniques in this area to utilize new technology and digital media for the creation and building of engaged communities, both internally and externally.  She has more than 15 years experience in marketing, PR and advertising, and since 2009 has been actively involved in all areas of Social Media marketing.

London-based Gabrielle Laine-Peters is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to new business development and strategic planning. In addition to working on social media projects for NASA, the UK government and various news agencies.

Gabrielle is also a 9/11 survivor who speaks publicly about her experiences and how she overcame adversity and PTSD with the power of community.

Check out her website and connect with Gabrielle on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.