The host of Women Worldwide, Deirdre Breakenridge, welcomes her guest to the show, Dr. Frida Polli. Frida is an award-winning neuroscientist and the co-founder of pymetrics, a New York City tech start-up. Pymetrics uses cognitive neuroscience to create analytics-informed decision-making and performance enhancement software to help people find their optimal career path. The business is a hybrid between LinkedIn and OkayCupid, which uses interactive games to match personal traits to best career choices.

On the show, Frida shares how certain inherent traits can guide your career decision and how technology can help us to uncover cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Their use of games makes the process more fun and engaging vs. the more traditional forms of testing, used in the past. Frida also discusses how she left neuroscience in the lab to touch more lives outside of academia, finding her optimal fit as an entrepreneur.

A little more about Dr. Frida Polli … As a neuroscientist, she has won numerous awards including the 2010 Life Sciences Track in MIT 100K Entrepreneurship Competition and she was among the top 1% of postdoctoral fellows at MIT winning the NIH National Research Service Award and the HST Catalyst Award. Frida has also been instrumentally involved in the MIT neuroimaging studies and she has led the MIT arm of first international industry collaboration to develop treatment biomarkers for depression.

You can connect with Dr. Polli on LinkedIn