The host of Women Worldwide, Deirdre Breakenridge, welcomes her guest, Aliza Freud, the founder and CEO of SheSpeaks to her show. SheSpeaks  is an online, proprietary marketing platform that builds and operates influencer communities on behalf of Fortune 500 brands.
Aliza shares how the SheSpeaks platform enables over 250,000 women influencers to discover, share and try new products and services in many different categories, from hair care to food products. In addition, Aliza discusses how her company does extensive research studies with brands to uncover the shopping habits of women influencers and the extent of their buying power.
A little more about Aliza Freud …  Since leaving corporate America, Aliza has helped clients like P&G, Pepsi, American Express, Citibank, Heinz, L’Oreal and others build powerful user content and mass scale awareness for their products, services and campaigns. Aliza, early on, realized the power of women consumers and the important role that the Internet and online community is playing in the corporate world.

You can connect with Aliza on Twitter, and LinkedIn.