Evan Hackel has an extensive background in training, human resources, and learning development. He is the CEO of Tortal Training and the creator of the Ingaged Leadership brand. If you are wondering if that is a typo, the answer is no. On this episode Evan shares the difference between engagement and ingagement. Especially as it applies to a leadership role.

Evan is the author of Ingaging Leadership: 21 Steps to Elevate Your Business a book not only for business, but for life. We are all leaders in some respect, and we all need to be more ingaging when we talk to people. We learn some of the principles in Evan’s book, and he shares a story where he saw his father engage in true leadership and find an opportunity that others had missed. Evan’s philosophy is to get everyone on the team inspired to work for the same vision.

Show Notes

  • [03:30] Evan has a passion around the power and impact that people make. In most businesses, the people are the asset.
  • [03:47] A big part of accessing this talent is learning development and training. It’s giving people the tools they need to succeed and helping them to understand how to be successful.
  • [04:07] Involvement is the “I” in Ingagement. To engage people you need to involve them. You want a common vision with shared values.
  • [04:26] When everyone in the organization has a responsibility for success it makes a massive difference.
  • [05:09] A bottom up organization with everyone valued is a game changer.
  • [06:16] When team members have ownership in goals, they work very hard to achieve those goals.
  • [07:38] Evan’s company has a learning strategy and an engagement strategy. When companies reach out to him, they try to get to the root of what the organization really needs.
  • [08:29] Everyone in the organization is part of the design process to get to what is truly needed in the organization,  instead of what they thought they needed. People actually get the training they need.
  • [09:21] The consulting process has mechanisms that involves everyone in the organization also.
  • [10:36] People at all levels have important things to say.
  • [12:34] Evan wrote his book Ingaging Leadership to pass on to his kids and to make a difference in the world. The book is really about leadership and life in any fashion.
  • [13:45] Listening for the kernel of truth. Try to listen to people to see how they are right. When you are really listening people feel heard. This is a trait of a good leader.
  • [18:25] Management is about execution and leadership is about inspiring.
  • [21:31] People don’t become leaders by mistake. The idea is to build upon that success and learning new and growing existing leadership skills.
  • [23:49] Evan shares his big aha moment on leadership. An amazing example that he learned from his father.
  • [28:36] Evan would rather err on the side of trust as opposed to distrust. He values positivity in his team.
  • [34:24] When everyone knows the key things in the company that are trying to be achieved, everyone works in the same direction.  Seeing the financials and knowing the vision helps key in their role to success.
  • [35:49] Being successful takes grit and determination. Honestly carrying is at the core of who Evan really is.
  • [39:16] Make sure you find the time to grieve. Holding it in is not the way to go.
  • [41:29] All of the principals in the book will make a difference in someone’s life.
  • [41:45] Another principle that Evan wants to share is distinguishing fact from opinion. A lot of people share opinions as facts. This makes conversations difficult.
  • [44:38] Take some time and think about your conversations and whether you are speaking fact or opinion.

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