Sandra MacLeod, the CEO of Echo Research is on the show today to talk about how important our reputation is in business. She tells us how as women we can build our reputations by keeping an eye out and paying attention to what is being said about us. It is ok to be different but be strong and different, don’t let anyone keep you from doing what you think is right.

Sandra believes that being an entrepreneur today is about believing in yourself and managing your expectations, there will be ups and downs so just hang in there. Also, surround yourself with like-minded people and create an inner circle that will support you and keep you strong.

Sandra has accomplished many things in her career and she isn’t stopping now. When she looks back she remembers a friend of hers saying “Make a promise, keep a promise” and she has lived by that every day of her life.

Show Notes:

  • [02:27] Deirdre introduces today’s guest Sandra MacLeod.
  • [03:59] How did Sandra go from communications to research?
  • [08:35] In her opinion you need a sense of numbers and an understanding of statistics to be good at research.
  • [11:04]  Are companies coming to her before they are at a crisis? Listening?
  • [12:49] She feels that social media is a wonderful power but there is also the dark side that can hurt individuals and organizations.
  • [17:04] Building a following on social media can be very helpful in your business.
  • [18:27] How can women build their reputation among their peers and as a leader?
  • [20:58] Dare to be different, you can be different and be a strong woman at the same time.
  • [22:20] What does it mean to be true to your brand?
  • [25:15] Sandra thinks what it takes to be an entrepreneur today is belief in yourself and managing your expectations.
  • [27:57] Who do you surround yourself with? Who’s in your inner circle?
  • [30:46] When looking back on your career of the things you have accomplished, what surprises you?
  • [32:40] She had a friend that used to always say “Make a promise, keep a promise.” This has stuck with her over the years and she tried to always follow through.
  • [36:15] What resources does Sandra use to keep up to date with current ideas?
  • [38:46] Does she think young professionals should get involved with their industry associations?
  • [39:32] How does she manage her time? Does she have “me” time?
  • [40:55] Her final thoughts on reputation management and staying on your brand.

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