Do you believe you can improve?

Today’s Women Worldwide episode is taking us in a few interesting directions; from memory improvement and self-directed learning, all the way to artificial intelligence and robotics.  Today’s guest is not only a memory expert but a PR expert as well. We are bringing you a packed episode with the unforgettable Dave Farrow.

Dave Farrow started his career promoting a memory improvement program. This actually landed him in the Guinness Book of World Records! He is an entrepreneur and expert in self-directed learning and accelerated learning. Through these techniques, he is teaching others how to improve their chances for success in life with simple, fun, and effective tools. Dave is also a popular speaker and the founder and CEO of Farrow Communications, an expanded PR firm.

Stay tuned for a fun episode filled with playing cards and robots! We’ll be learning a few effective techniques for memory improvement, hearing some excellent advice, and learning more about growing a business organically, as well as expanding your field of expertise.

In This Episode

  • Improving Your Memory
  • Guinness World Records
  • Re-Branding and Building a Business Organically
  • Robotics and AI
  • Expanding Into Other Fields

Quotes in This Episode

“I was talking about what we now know is the real model of the brain, which is brain plasticity, which basically says that your brain is constantly changing based on the exercises and activities that you do.” —Dave Farrow

“Almost at any age, when you actually start doing proper brain training, you cut your risk for memory loss as you age dramatically.” —Dave Farrow

“When you make a business, the arrogance is to believe that you’re at the center of the universe, and you’re choosing everything, but I really think a business should be grown organically based on what the customers want” —Dave Farrow

“From the very beginning I’ve wanted to be really on the cutting edge of technology, that’s why we changed from FarrowPR to Farrow Communications recently because we’re offering social media services, we’re writing articles for people, working on their books with them, or doing coaching on branding.” —Dave Farrow

“I think a lot of us can relate to we’re in our field and we’re really smart at what we do, but we see other fields and other realms and we think, “Wow, I’d like to play in that sandbox a little bit,” and we think that that’s not okay in our society. Everyone wants to be pigeonholed, and specialists get paid more and everything. For me, it actually had the opposite effect.” —Dave Farrow


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