There are no words to express the impact that Gloria Feldt has had on the world of women in leadership and women in general. As the former CEO of Planned Parenthood and the founder of Take The Lead, Gloria has spent the better part of her life fighting for the rights of women across the country to decide what to do with their bodies and their lives. She is an inspiration in the fight for women’s rights and this conversation is one you won’t want to miss. 

Gloria didn’t start off with a driving passion to fight for women’s equality in society and in business. She was once a young woman with a cause no greater than being an amazing wife and mother to her family, but after having her third child she wondered what else there was. 

Gloria was lucky! She grew up with a father who encouraged her to pursue her dreams in a time when women weren’t supposed to have dreams beyond nurturing a family. Having heard that she could be and do anything during her entire adolescence gave her the confidence needed to pursue a new dream. 

Fast forward a few years and she was presented with the opportunity to lead Planned Parenthood. 

The same organization that helped her realize that her life could be better organized, better controlled, came back around and wanted her to be their voice. She couldn’t say no. Since then she has made it her mission to help support women in leadership and women in power to maximize their impact. 

She has since retired from Planned Parenthood and now owns her own business, consulting and coaching women leaders to be the best in their fields. 

To say that this was an inspiring conversation would be a gross understatement. Gloria’s life and work have been full of ups and downs, but her positive attitude and her drive have kept her going and working for women everywhere. 

Listen in as she discusses the role of social media in our lives, how to encourage women to take their fair share, and how you can get more involved in this wonderful cause. You won’t want to miss a second of this discussion!

Show Notes:

  • [01:09] Welcome back and thank you for your dedication to the show, learning, and community.
  • [02:08] Meet Gloria Feldt, the cofounder and president of Take The Lead and former CEO of Planned Parenthood.
  • [04:02] Gloria shares a bit about her early life and what drove her to the role of CEO and teaching other women to lead. 
  • [08:44] Did Gloria feel supported in her journey toward leadership by other women and men? 
  • [10:42] What qualities are really important for women to have when learning to manage power and leadership? 
  • [14:47] How are the cohorts selected for the 50 Women Can Change the World program? 
  • [16:23] What is the importance of branding when building or launching a venture or business?
  • [21:02] Gloria gives advice to younger women and men who are working to choose their life’s path.
  • [25:24] What challenges has Gloria faced in her work with Planned Parenthood and in her business today? 
  • [27:46] Learn how Gloria keeps herself sharp both mentally and physically.
  • [30:37] Gloria shares what the oppression of other people’s opinions on social media really means!
  • [32:56] Hear Gloria’s parting advice for women regarding power and leadership.
  • [34:28] Connect with Gloria.

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