Are you building community and coaching your team?

Today Women Worldwide brings you a fabulous new guest! She is a fun and vibrant professional who is bringing the worlds of social media and dentistry slamming together. Moreover, she is the very first dentist we’ve ever had on the show and she’s here talking about how she’s taking her business social, creating a responsive dental community, and training a trustworthy team to keep it all functioning.

Dr. Grace Yum is a mother, and woman in business, a certified Pediatric Dentist, and the Founder of Yummy Dental and Orthodontics for Kids. Dr. Yum is nationally recognized in her field and has appeared on The Today Show, been featured in Parents Magazine and Parenting Magazine, and is a recognized face on NBC Chicago.

Stay tuned to learn how Dr. Yum went from a Communications Studies degree to a certified Pediatric Dentist, and how she is making a splash in the dental field by being the “most social dentist” on digital media! Dr. Yum also talks about compromises and fears on social media, the importance of community, and being a mom with a business.

In This Episode

  • Becoming a Dentist
  • The Social Dentist
  • Growing With Your Clients & How to Listen
  • Awareness and Responsiveness
  • Fears of Social Media
  • People Monitoring and the Importance of Training

Quotes in This Episode

“It’s been a very interesting partnership in marrying the dentistry to the communications.” —Dr. Grace Yum

“I’ve always been very interested in technology and different modes of communicating, and so for me, being a business owner, I’ve noticed that a lot of my–being a pediatric dentist–a lot of my moms are younger and younger […] and every resource for them is online.” —Dr. Grace Yum

“If you’re on social media, everything is fast in furious! You have information at your fingertips […] and if you don’t grab that opportunity to respond, you lose that opportunity.” —Dr. Grace Yum

“Work-life-balance, I think everyone struggles with that, especially if you’re a parent and you’re working.” —Dr. Grace Yum

“Having an open channel of communication with your team is so vital […] I always explain to them the analogy of a professional […] football team. You know, all players need to know what’s going on, all players need to know how to communicate with one another, and if you don’t you’re never going to win the Super Bowl.” —Dr. Grace Yum


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