Social PR Strategist, Shonali Burke, CEO of Shonali Burke Consulting, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Shonali is an award-winning strategist and an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University. She is an international speaker, blogger and educator, sharing her insights with other professionals and brands around the world.

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On the show Shonali discusses the changing nature of education from the physical classroom environment to designing the virtual classroom experience for her students. She also shares her thoughts on what it means to be strategic in your communication, especially when it comes to social media, which has to be a part of your overall strategy. According to Shonali, as businesses are required to participate with their stakeholders through social media, executives are still not 100% comfortable. She offers advice to help senior leadership understand how to tie communication to important business outcomes. Listen Now

Shonali BurkeA little more about Shonali Burke

Shonali is the creator of the Social PR Virtuoso course, an online and on-demand program she teaches, which launched in November 2015. Shonali’s online course helps professionals to take their Social PR game from “humdrum to Hallelujah” with 25+ workflows, hacks, recipes, formulas and mind maps she has developed throughout her career.