Melinda Chen, the founder of Women Making Big Sales, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Melinda, who is a native of Taiwan, started her sales career selling language courses for Berlitz. During her 15-year career, she has made more than 5,000 cold sales and has been responsible for more than $10,000,000+ in sales.  Today she coaches female entrepreneurs on how to land these big sales with big clients. Melinda’s mission is to inspire more women to take control of their businesses by going for larger clients and closing important deals.

On the show, Melinda discusses how sales professionals need to differentiate themselves from their competition. You have to know the limitations of Google and really do your sales preparation; understanding the market and the numbers. Sales today is so much more than the elevator speech. Melinda offers advice on demonstrating fresh ideas, innovative thinking and the type of intense focus to see a situation differently.  When you identify the challenges of a business, having these deep insights is what makes you stand out. Melinda also shares her thoughts on the balance between giving and selling. You have to figure out in advance how much you will give away during the selling process.

MelindaChenA little more about Melinda Chen 

Melinda specializes in sales and international business. She has established a successful career helping her clients develop new business opportunities in both North American and European markets. She has practical in-depth knowledge of cross-cultural business negotiation, she understands the diverse nature of modern business and has developed a cultural acumen that allows her to adopt different business practices for different cultures.

You can connect with Melinda on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter @chen_melinda

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