Are you crystal clear?

Learn, expand, and reskin! The key to any successful endeavor is a crystal clear understanding of its purpose, place, and potential. Most ventures are doomed to fail without mindful preparation and ready execution. Today Dolores Hirschmann joins us to discuss clarity—clarity in messaging, clarity in purpose, and clarity in your business so that you can become a successful “idea-preneur.”

Dolores Hirschmann is internationally recognized as a strategist, speaker, and Clarity Coach. She is the Chief Clarity Officer at Masters in Clarity and a TEDx Organizer and Speaking Coach. Dolores is also a published author with two books currently out: New Beginnings, and 18 Minutes of Impact: Move Your Audience to Action the TED Way.

Stay tuned as we leverage the power of clarity and positivity with Dolores. Get ready to lean away from failure and lean into fulfillment as she shares some excellent advice with our Women Worldwide audience.

In This Episode

  • Dolores’ Story
  • Masters in Clarity and the power of clarity
  • Doing what you are wired to do
  • “Idea-preneurs”
  • The “Human Coach”
  • Massaging your fear and some really good advice

Quotes in This Episode

“Let’s look at the intersection of […] what would you do for free all day long, what are you trained to do, what does the world need, and what would people pay?” —Dolores Hirschmann

“How do I find myself in this place? How do I continue my professional and intellectual growth?” —Dolores Hirschmann

“I am passionate about ideas that can make a positive impact in the world.” —Dolores Hirschmann

“When you are able to serve from this place you become magnetic […] you are doing what you were wired to do.” —Dolores Hirschmann

“We become successful in our work when we are able to be okay with who we are.” —Dolores Hirschmann

“You have to actually help them process the fear because if they don’t they’ll never leave the driveway.” —Dolores Hirschmann


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