Deirdre Breakenridge, welcomes her guest to the show, Laurel Mintz. Laurel is the CEO of Elevate My Brand, a creative marketing agency that works with both emerging and established brands to develop and execute multi-channel marketing strategies.

On the show, Laurel discusses early on how she took over her father’s business when he was very ill, preparing her for the eventual launch of her own successful start up. Laurel shares her thoughts on her challenges in business and what it takes for a company to thrive past the five year mark. She also imparts advice on the top qualities entrepreneurs posses, from the trusted and connected network to taking leaps (risks) even before they feel comfortable.

A little more about Laurel Mintz… Laurel has a background and education in business and law from Rutgers University. She has a passion for food, wine and lifestyle brands, and her expertise in marketing has been recognized through her work with prestigious restaurateurs and major brands across the nation.

You can learn more about Elevate My Brand on their website and connect with laurel on LinkedIn.