Women Worldwide with host Deirdre Breakenridge welcomes Laura Furtado. Laura is the Founder / Owner of DivaGirl, which has six different divisions: Fitness, Entertainment, Beauty, Preneur, Nutrition and also Fashion. Her DivaGirl community spans over 13,000 women and she has 28+ years of experience in the dance and fitness realms, making her presence well-known in North America and Europe.

On the show, Laura shares her journey from international dancer and choreographer to successful entrepreneur with different businesses. With a mission to empower women, she offers advice to business professionals on how to stay productive and focused, even during her most crazy, busy days. Laura also discusses the meaning of success and what success looks like at the end of the day.

A little more about Laura Furtado … Laura is also the owner and founder of Sexy & Wealthy in Heels, educating, inspiring and featuring female entrepreneurs. As of November 2014, she’s successfully licensed her programs to 17 Canadian and US Cities. It is through her brand that she mentors female entrepreneurs to guide them with their start up businesses.

You can connect with Laura on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.