CEO, and co-founder of Mindfresh, joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. Jen started her company, Mindfresh, to provide on­site and digital mindful movement experiences to improve body language, enhance emotional IQ, and increase attention spans. With a background in startup media environments and 8 years studying the philosophy of yoga, Jen leverages her experience in both worlds to make mindfulness accessible in the office environment. Today, Jen leads a growing team of 30 Mindfresh teachers in New York City and San Francisco with similar and relatable “business­ meets­ mindfulness” backgrounds.

On the show, Jen discusses her personal career journey and how chronic pain, anxiety, and fatigue led her to a lifestyle change of yoga and mindfulness. Knowing the benefits she experienced, Jen launched Mindfresh and quickly pioneered a path in organizations to help their employees who were also experiencing cycles of burnout. Jen openly shares her challenges and the education process needed for Corporate America, where a company culture of being busy and working without breaks is rewarded. Jen reinforces the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, especially when dealing with stressful situations and how you can be much more present, focused and productive at work.

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Jen is an 800­-hour certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and now travels annually to India to deepen her mindfulness practice. She also speaks on several topics including the tools you need to get along with difficult co-workers or clients, how to create a more joyful approach to work, and the modern wellness dialogue in the workplace.

You can connect with Jen on LinkedIn and Twitter @jenklu

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