Through her own experiences with addiction and depression, Mal Duane has transformed her life and recreated herself into a highly successful business woman. She is a certified midlife coach and helps women through midlife transitions to heal, reclaim their lives and gain great success where they never thought possible. Also a best-selling author, Mal says all of her books, coaching and speaking is designed to inspire and elevate those souls who feel unloved and unworthy.

Mal had no idea what life had in store for her but once she found her path and mission, she held on with both hands and made the decision to help others that were taking the same journey. 

Everything that happens to us in life is a learning experience, finding our triggers through meditation and journaling is how you grow and become a better version of yourself.

In this Women Worldwide episode I chat with Mal about her life, her success and her journey to self-awareness. She gives us the tools we need to become self aware. You won’t want to miss this episode so sit back, kick your shoes off and listen with an open mind. 

Show Notes:

  • [02:58] Welcome to the show Mal Duane!
  • [03:25] Mal speaks to us about her journey through addiction and depression to the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • [05:02] She tells us that everything we go through in life teaches us the path of negative patterns or character traits that we must heal.
  • [06:15] The pain that you are experiencing at this moment may inspire you to change your life and take a different path.
  • [07:15] Do you rely on others to give you your self worth? Validation from other people?
  • [09:12] We need to look under the hood and learn our truth.
  • [10:08] Once we learn what our triggers are we will find the pathway of personal development, meditate and journal.
  • [12:48] When you meditate you are getting out of your head and into your heart.
  • [13:40] Mal discusses her new book ‘Broken Open: Embracing Heartache and Betrayal as Gateways to Unconditional Love’.
  • [16:10] Unconscious pain and unfulfilled wishes lead to very poor conscious choices.
  • [16:45] Your ego tries to keep you safe but it will also hold you back.
  • [19:13] Mal says that all of the suffering and pain she carried for years was not about what people did to her it was about what she thought, her own ego.
  • [23:23] You can keep people in your life as long as your boundaries are not violated.
  • [25:13] Mal believes that life is a big classroom, you learn something everyday.
  • [27:00] She discusses the tools she uses in her toolbox for self-awareness.
  • [29:35] You have the power to change where your life is going, what is stopping you?
  • [31:15] Mal has a formula for going through life thinking positively, live everyday with intention.
  • [33:05] Helping others helps our personal growth more than anything.
  • [33:44] Mals formula spells FAITH – focus, acceptance, intentions, thoughts and helping others. If you practice these steps you will have unwaveringly faith in yourself.
  • [34:51] She still has challenges but she looks at them as taking her to another level.
  • [36:32] Mal tells us how dangerous social media can be, it needs to be monitored and filters need to be used because of how people use it.
  • [38:58] She gives us some final thoughts and advice about figuring out what we really want.

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