On the show today we have Chris Winfield, CEO of Super Connector Media. Chris, also known as The “Super Connector and Media Matchmaker” is the creator of Unfair Advantage Live, the premier publicity event that helps entrepreneurs and experts make connections that will get them in front of the influencers in their industry that make things happen.

Chris has had other businesses over the years but he wasn’t passionate about them and he didn’t feel like he belonged. When his business imploded a few years ago he decided to change the way he did business. 

He wanted to help people connect with people that could help them be successful. So, he started Unfair Advantage Live to bring together entrepreneurs and media people and see if they could help each other. They went from a one-day event to many-days events and he hasn’t looked back since.

In this Women Worldwide episode, Chris and I chat about his story, how he became the “Super Connector,” why he created Unfair Advantage Live and what his advice is for entrepreneurs who don’t feel comfortable asking for help. 

Listen in and see if this conversation hits home with you and where you are in your business right now. Are you afraid to ask for help? You might just learn some new tricks and tools to get you where you want to be.

Show Notes:

  • [02:43] Welcome to the show Chris Winfield!
  • [03:20] Chris tells us that when you see someone or read about someone and you think to yourself that should be me, what’s stopping you?
  • [04:47] He chats with us about starting his own web design company even though he didn’t have any connections.
  • [06:32] Chris says he got his first million-plus dollar client from a small blurb that was written about him in USA Today.
  • [08:10] He started Unfair Advantage Live to teach entrepreneurs how to do the stuff that he did that made him successful.
  • [10:28] Chris discusses how he went out each day and talked to people, being open about what was going on in his life at the time, being honest.
  • [12:31] He found, when talking to new entrepreneurs, that he knew people he could connect them with.
  • [15:07] Chris tells us that word of mouth is how he gets people to attend his events. He doesn’t have to advertise any other way.
  • [16:05] He says that 95 percent of the entrepreneurs he knows won’t ask for help.
  • [23:52] Chris shares the challenges he faces every day in his businesses.
  • [25:16] Fear, ego and expectation hold us back when we don’t prepare ourselves for challenges.
  • [27:57] What is Chris surprised that he’s accomplished?
  • [29:56] Chris tells people to keep things simple and to keep reaching out to one person every day. He also has a program that will keep people on track.
  • [32:16] Listening and how you make people feel are so important to think about when building relationships.
  • [34:49] You will never build a real relationship on social media but meeting one on one will.
  • [37:32] Chris says the women in his life, his partner and his daughter have taught him so much.
  • [39:20] Chris’s advice to women in business is to promote yourself, believe in what you do, we are all just people.

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