Taking the leap and changing your career or launching your own business is a seriously scary prospect. Sara Bliss knows all about changing roles, pivoting her focus, and building a brand and a business. She has done everything from ghostwriting books to building brands through words. Her most recent book, Take the Leap, is the result of 10 years of labor, love, and a drive to never quit.

There is no better person to discuss what it takes to move out of a job you hate to creating a business you love than Sara. Before writing Take the Leap she interviewed over 60 entrepreneurs who made the transition from employee to CEO in various stages of their careers. The insights she gleaned from hearing their stories and taking the time to compile them into this wonderful tome are as inspirational as they are informative. 

Listen in as Sara discusses the ups and downs, ins and outs of ghostwriting and writing for major publications. She also shares how taking on the voice of her customer has helped her to dial into what a brand requires to survive. Learn why taking on every project and writing for nearly every topic has helped her better realize the scope of her abilities and how that applies to building her business. 

This conversation was a true adventure into the mind and world of a person born to be an entrepreneur. Sara’s vast experience and willingness to move, grow, and change is something to be admired and studied! Don’t miss out on all of her juicy business tips and listen to the end to hear her fantastic parting advice.

Show Notes:

  • [01:08] Welcome back. We just turned 5! Sending a huge thank you to all our listeners!
  • [02:24] Sara Bliss, the author of Take the Leap, is here to chat about making huge changes.
  • [03:32] Learn all about Sara’s career path and all of the changes she has made over the years.
  • [05:26] What was it like becoming a ghostwriter? 
  • [07:04] Why did Sara feel that bringing Take the Leap to life was important? 
  • [09:27] Sara shares her process for completing and compiling her research and interviews.
  • [10:40] Learn more about the challenges Sara faced as she wrote the book.
  • [14:07] How do you get rid of the chatter so that you can take the leap? 
  • [18:36] Sara discusses how you can best handle rejection.
  • [20:24] Where did most of the people interviewed for Sara’s book fall in their career cycle before taking the leap?
  • [24:21] Speaking with all of her interviewees inspired Sara to continue to make pivots.
  • [25:04] Learn more about the different types of roles Sara has taken on throughout her career and how that has bolstered her business.
  • [27:20] Is retirement an ideal prospect anymore? 
  • [29:31] Sara gives all of us a piece of advice for everyone thinking of taking the leap.
  • [31:34] Connect with Sara.

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