Women Worldwide with host Deirdre Breakenridge welcomes her guest Gina Califano to the show. Gina is an entrepreneur who coaches others on how to lead the life they want to live through exercise, healthy living, positive mindsets and strong spiritual connectivity. She achieves this through her business coaching, distributing Young Living Essential Oils and yoga instruction. Gina has her undergraduate and two masters degrees from St. John’s University in Education and Administration. She was an adjunct professor at Hofstra University for 10 years prior to her entrepreneurial journey.

On the show, Gina discusses tips on how you can be mindful every day, with simple exercises you can do to find balance in your life. She also shares advice on how you can become unstuck in your careers and what it means to find your why or what drives your dreams and passion. Gina believes passion, integrity and the willingness to delay gratification are key characteristics for entrepreneurs.

A little more about Gina Califano … Her newest passion is taking her message of strong body and stronger spirit to the schools so that children can learn the benefits of meditation and movement early, so that they will be better able to deal with stresses and negativity as they become adults.

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