One of the leading experts on futuring, Dr. Connie Reimers-Hild is joining me to discuss how you can create the business vision of your dreams become a reality. The key is in creating your ideal vision and learning ways that you can bring it to life. 

Dr. Connie has been helping businesses and business leaders to create personal and organizational innovation and transformation by developing their ideal visions. Her work recently has spun more towards helping women and women leaders understand their true ideal vision and how to achieve it. She has created a huge body of resources and loves to share her knowledge about how futuring impacts business.

We discuss everything from what futuring is, to how it has impacted Dr. Connie’s life and work, and why the concept is supremely important for all businesses. Nobody wants to become the next Blockbuster or Kodak and Dr. Connie’s unique training in both futuring and coaching has given her a fresh perspective on how to help businesses find their best next path.

We discuss so many fantastic bits of information that you can use in your life and business. Ever wonder how to involve your kids in your entrepreneurial endeavors? We chat about that too and why our kids’ involvement is so important to our businesses. If you’ve wondered how to take your business to the next level while maintaining your home life, then this is the episode you want to hear.

Show Notes:

  • [01:05] Are you facing challenges? Reach out to me!
  • [02:38] Learn more about futurist Dr. Connie Reimers-Hild.
  • [03:28] Welcome Dr. Connie to the show.
  • [03:49] How does one become a futurist? 
  • [04:35] Is the concept of a futurist prevalent in the business space or does Dr. Connie have to explain it often? 
  • [06:06] How do futurists help companies find new roads to success? 
  • [07:44] What goes into helping businesses find their vision for the next 5 to 50 years? 
  • [10:37] How do leaders affect the vision and success of their company? 
  • [13:49] Why communication is the skeleton key to success.
  • [14:45] Trust is necessary to enact change.
  • [17:04] What does Dr. Connie think is necessary to start a podcast? 
  • [19:06] Dr. Connie shares the challenges she has faced while building her business.
  • [21:57] Are professionals more hesitant to step out and create their own business dreams? 
  • [25:10] Staying at a job, isn’t always the safe choice…
  • [25:50] Why involving our kids is extremely important to both of us.
  • [26:42] Are there days of stress and overwhelm or is it easier to manage business and life? 
  • [28:29] Everything you do today, impacts the future of your family and business. What are you doing? 
  • [30:51] Dr. Connie provides her advice for zeroing in on your ideal future.

Links and Resources:

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The Bee Who Was Too Busy by Dr. Connie

Future School for Women 

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