Are You Branding or Advertising?

Today we get an update from Women Worldwide alum Fabian Geyrhalter and learn a little bit more about empathy and branding in the age of social media. Building a brand has never been more important, and today that means “dressing down” and connecting with a like-minded consumer base in an authentic way.

Fabian Geyrhalter is a brand strategist, author, and mentor known for helping turn ventures into admired brands. He is the founder and principal of Los Angeles based consultancy firm Finien, as well as a Global 100 Mentor at the Founder Institute. He is a contributing columnist for Forbes and Inc., and he has been published by the likes of The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and Mashable.

In this episode we are discussing the different “traits” Fabian has identified in successful brands. Stay tuned to learn more about Fabian’s new book Bigger Than This and how you can turn any venture into an admired brand!

In This Episode

  • Empathy and transparency in branding
  • Being accessible and walking a fine line
  • How brands disrupt without innovation or tech
  • Winning hearts and minds
  • The 80/20 Rule

Quotes in This Episode

“Branding kind of became the new advertising.” —Fabian Geyrhalter

“People just ache for brands to be trustworthy friends.” —Fabian Geyrhalter

“At the core, every brand knows their number one customer, and their communication is tailored to that type of person… And the idea of ‘don’t talk politics’ is thrown out the window!” —Fabian Geyrhalter

“[Brands] really only disrupt… through brand thinking.” —Fabian Geyrhalter

“80% of what I put out there via social media needs to be communications-focused around my value propositions. So, what do I actually give potential clients, potential readers, potential listeners that they themselves can turn into actions…” —Fabian Geyrhalter


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