We’ve reached our 200th episode. For this Women Worldwide show, the tables are turned and my coach, Dolores Hirschmann, is interviewing me. So, I’m in the “hot seat.” I share who I am. What I do. And what Dolores calls getting under the script of Deirdre.

Dolores is a friend and a coach who focuses on effective public speaking whether the focus is growth or improved communication. She believes in people and ideas and emphasizes clarity in communication.

She has a background in academic business, and entrepreneurship. As well as being the East Coast TEDx organizer and an executive coach.


Show Notes

  • [03:04] Deirdre teaches on LinkedIn learning, and she has written multiple books. She is also the voice of reason behind many brands and has helped them articulate their message.
  • [03:40] Deirdre is in the business of storytelling and relationship-building.
  • [03:46] She has been helping businesses and business executives find their voice, elevate their brand, and most of all to be recognized.
  • [04:04] Deirdre has always focused on building relationships around your passion. She is happiest when working with professionals who love to amplify their purpose. It all starts with finding your voice.
  • [04:30] She owned an agency for 14 years. Now she has a communications consulting practice. She finds voices, raises them up, and creates impact and makes a difference.
  • [05:08] Taking care of messaging is what helps position you. It’s how you create authority and build your reputation.
  • [07:38] It’s okay for an executive not to have all of the answers. You can get the information as things unfold. It’s good to stay authentic.
  • [08:56] A lot of what Deirdre does is to help corporations think and things that we do naturally in business.
  • [10:44] Women worldwide is about the same things but also about how you feel. Do you have fear? Do you have empathy? Are you true to your ethics? Do you have love? Breaking the gap between think and FEEL.
  • [12:06] Bringing think and feel together could change the world.
  • [13:35] The FEEL model starts with your employees and showing it. It comes down to balancing your emotions and EQ.
  • [14:38] It looks like giving people credit when credit is due. And not having to be the smartest person in the room. It’s opening up your own frame of reference from different perspectives.
  • [17:09] Deirdre stepped out of her comfort zone and helped someone who came out of prison but really wanted to do the right thing. He used his voice to help people be in compliance.
  • [17:57] They rebuilt his brand through social media and the content that he created us blogger. He actually went from prison card to MasterCard and is doing a training series with MasterCard.
  • [19:51] Dolores shares how Deirdre is a magical woman, because she can help create new stories.
  • [21:28] Trust your gut and get out of your comfort zone even if you are scared.
  • [24:15] When Deirdre was young, she wanted to be a veterinarian.
  • [25:28] Her parents were a big influence on her and she wanted to be an educator. Now she is an educator. She has courses, mentors, and writes books.
  • [27:05] Beneath the script is an awakening after the death of her daughter. She is being very present and not taking anything for granted. Cherish the moment more.
  • [30:54] Self-care is crucial. She can go on autopilot if she lets herself. That is a recipe for complete burnout.
  • [32:23] We need self-care refueling and balancing. Deirdre carves time out for herself everyday. She also read The Miracle Morning.
  • [32:18] She follows the SAVERS program which is silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and scribing. You can do it all in 6 minutes, take however long you need, or split it up.
  • [32:58] She does the program every morning for 30 minutes to an hour. She even gets up earlier if she has to to refocus and center. Meditation helps to handle challenges and bring yourself back to your center.
  • [33:50] To amplify your passion, you need to know what your passion is and what you actually love.
  • [36:13] We should make most of our money doing what we love to do and what we are born to do. It would be authentic and genuine. We would strive to do our best work. The love and passion we have would be magnetic and contagious.
  • [37:30] Follow the path of your passion, because it builds upon each other like following your headlights on a dark freeway.
  • [39:19] Deirdre has had so many amazing guests that a women worldwide reunion would be awesome.
  • [40:50] If you’re going to read Deirdre’s books start with PR 2.0, Putting the Public Back in Public Relations, Social Media and Public Relations Practices, and then Answers for Modern Communicators.  

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