Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, author of the book, Money Can Buy You Happiness, and internationally recognized relationship and communication expert joins Host Deirdre Breakenridge on Women Worldwide. As a female entrepreneur, corporate consultant and licensed therapist,  Dr. Patty Ann has helped hundreds of corporate and entrepreneurial business women learn how to create it all – a highly successful thriving business without having to sacrifice happiness in their marriage and family life.

On the show, Dr. Patty Ann shares how it is difficult for women to talk about money. Your attitude about money is formed over time. It starts in the home with your parents and your surrounding culture. Your experiences shape your financial personality whether you’re a spender or a saver and is reflected in how you spend money.  Dr. Patty Ann also shares her thoughts around women negotiating for more money in the workplace, something that is not taught when you’re younger. She shares several of the strategies and skills you need to begin the negotiating process and to start earning what you deserve. Lastly, Dr. Patty Ann discusses how money is tied to relationships and what couples can do to participate in the family finances together through honest communication and a shared end-goal in mind.

PattyAnnA little more about Dr. Patty Ann Tublin

Dr. Patty Ann has been featured as a relationship and communication expert on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News and the Martha Stewart Radio Show on Sirius XM. She is the Weekly Relationship Expert for 95.9 FOX FM Chaz & AJ in the Morning – CT’s #1-morning radio talk show, and she is featured on other radio shows internationally.  Dr. Patty Ann has been published in SUCCESS MagazineCNN, Fortune Postcards, Fortune, Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

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