Women Worldwide with Deirdre Breakenridge welcomes her guest Dr. Jane Karwoski, best known as Dr. J, to the show.  Dr. J is an experimental psychologist and has been involved with The Social Network Show® since its inception, as a partner and host. Through the show, Dr. J brings thought leaders in social networking to the public in a format that is entertaining, as well as informative.

On the Women Worldwide show, Dr. J. discusses how emerging technologies are changing at breakneck speed. She shares her thoughts on the impact info/comm tech is having on us, economically, socially, and personally. As a society, as a nation, as a global community of humans, Dr. J believes we have to attend to the ethical, legal, and social implications of these technologies. Because parents are becoming acutely aware of these topics, many of her show guests focus on solutions related to parenting in this digital age. Dr. J continues to educate and empower through her work. She states that doing something, rather than nothing, is not only therapeutic for her, but also a way to forge ahead knowing “the best defense is a good offense,”

A little more about Dr. Jane Karwoski …
In earning a doctoral degree in experimental psychology, Dr. J combined social, cognitive and health psychology, focusing on the influence of key opinion leaders in spreading best practices. Prior to the availability of formal online social networking tools, Dr. J developed Genomicus Americus, an e-newsletter connecting North American and South American social scientists studying genetic and genomic issues.

You can connect with Dr. J on LinkedIn and Twitter.