Have you made any big changes lately?

Today we are discussing a tough subject: change! In our lives, we often go through periods of great change, but the more important issue is whether or not we are successful on the other side of these transitions. To be successful requires flexibility, adaptability, and a will to move beyond our comfort zones. Luckily, on today’s episode of Women Worldwide, we are speaking with Dr. Ai Zhang!

Ai Zhang is a professor of public relations and social media who has previously taught at Stockton University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is currently based in South Korea, and while she continues to teach, she now also serves as a Digital Learning consultant, Blogger, Speaker, Live-streamer, and as the host of her own Facebook Live show.

Today Ai shares big changes in education and how she is using technology and social media to disrupt the traditional classroom setting. We are also talking about taking risks, manifesting your best life, and embracing change. Stay tuned to learn how Ai has come to love the person change has made her, and how we can utilize great change to manifest great strength and self-discovery!

In This Episode

  • Ai’s Big Transition
  • Craving Change
  • A Classroom Without Walls
  • Social Media and Live Streaming
  • Self-Discovery and Self-Care

Quotes in This Episode

“There was a desire in my heart that was craving for a bigger stage and some change.” —Ai Zhang

“So many people are enjoying their work and loving their work, and enjoying their life. They are traveling, doing things, and creating impact! I was like, ‘Wow if they can do it why not me?’” —Ai Zhang

“I’m really passionate about education, especially the future of education, and how technology and digital media devices are disrupting the traditional teaching and learning space.” —Ai Zhang

“With the digital media space, you can reach more people […] the sky is your limit. You can create content to serve people–to improve people’s lives.” —Ai Zhang

“Our students are digital learners, they prefer digital first. That’s why I am such an advocate of speaking students’ language […] instead of expecting them to come to us.” —Ai Zhang

“Starting this self-reinventing journey is also a journey to understanding myself and what I want […] I think that is the most rewarding part.” —Ai Zhang


Ai Addyson Zhang, Digital Learning Consultant, Professor, Social Media, Live Streamer, with Deirdre Breakenridge on Women WorldwideAi’s Official Website
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Ai’s favorite book: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind