Have you ever thought about intentionally designing your life? The beginning of our lives are usually shaped by external factors and people like our parents, teachers, communities, and culture. Once you reach a certain point, you might realize that you want to live with intention and design a life of your choosing. You don’t have to wait until your in your 50s to do this, but that’s what happened to my guest Kelley Connors.

She reached a point in her life where she decided it was time to be brave and take charge of the second half of her life and live with the kind of impact that she wanted to make. She even became a coach, so that she can help others do the same. In this inspiring episode, we talk about choosing a pathway that works for you, practicing the power of positivity, the importance of slowing down, and how Kelley helps people navigate through awareness.

Show Notes

  • [04:47] When Kelley turned 50, she started thinking about the second half of her life. She thought it would be great if she could be more of a designer of her life and be more intentional instead of just living out habits. If she was more aware of what was possible in her life, would she create a different future for herself?
  • [05:40] She decided to help other women do the same thing and learn from the experiences that she had.
  • [06:59] Something may just stir in you, and you might realize that you want to live with more impact in your life.
  • [08:23] You are worthy of a life where you can work well, live well, and thrive.
  • [09:24] We’ve been shaped by parents, teachers, neighborhoods, and culture by the time we’re in our early twenties. These are external factors that impact how we see our life.
  • [09:51] Reshaping your life requires an understanding and belief that you can let go of those habits.
  • [11:39] We evolve throughout our whole life with experiences, but we also have the ability to change our thoughts.
  • [12:48] We are now more aware than ever because of communication and mindfulness.
  • [14:24] The first steps are slowing down and pausing. Use the power of whole being.
  • [15:24] Recognize that your body is connected to your head. Bring awareness to how you are feeling in your body.
  • [18:06] Constricted energy points are fear, and bravery is an everyday opportunity to break through fear and feel vulnerable and connect with others.
  • [19:37] Getting in touch with your gifts is finding what you can offer the world that makes you happy.
  • [24:03] Coaching is different than consulting, because you have to inspire people with a promise of something better.
  • [26:55] There’s new research that says self-reflective people are more creative. Solitude improves your ability to be self-reflective and that improves your ability to be creative.
  • [30:23] Energy is your superpower as you age. You have to be smarter with how you use energy.
  • [31:28] You can generate life force with positive thoughts.
  • [32:34] Kelley has learned by quieting down and being interested in others. She also reads a lot. She has been learning from other people, because she is writing a book about bravery.
  • [35:49] Kelley is launching a Life Work Collaborative so others can reignite their life’s work.
  • [37:41] Social media actually disconnects us.
  • [38:41] Kelley’s mom was a key inspirational figure in her life, and she became that even more so after she had a stroke and became disabled.
  • [39:39] If we knew more about others, we would be happier.
  • [42:19] It’s important to have a couple of good friends in your inner circle.
  • [43:19] Spend some time every day and slow down and be quiet. Notice your breath and embrace positive thoughts.

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