How do you build successful teams and positively impact the people around you? My guest today has a proven track record of team-building. Paige Goss is the CEO and founder of Point Solutions Group. Paige is an experienced industry executive with a proven track record in operational execution, large enterprise partnerships, and organizational development.

Throughout her 10+ year career in IT Services, she has been responsible for starting and building teams from scratch in multiple disciplines. Paige’s goal is to positively impact the lives of those around her every day and you can see this in every aspect of her work. Paige’s innovation, efficiency, and diligence recently earned her a spot on the Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA) 2018 40 Under 40 list.

Show Notes

  • [03:11] Paige grew up in an entrepreneurial family, and she always wanted to be an entrepreneur.
  • [03:58] She had a background in athletics and working with teams, so she knew that she would be able to create an impact working with teams.
  • [04:28] Paige got into technology sales right after college. She joined a boutique firm and helped it grow from 8 people to 2500 consultants across the country.
  • [05:17] In April of 2017, she launched Point Solutions Group.
  • [05:55] It takes guts to be an entrepreneur. There’s also the daily grind. You also have to set goals.
  • [07:55] The sales aspect of your role is the grind everyday. Your best customer is the one that you are yet to meet. This constantly puts you in the mindset of building your business.
  • [09:10] Paige is an optimistic realist. She sets aggressive goals and gives herself a plan of action to get there realistically.
  • [09:51] She’s a little more realistic with the finance side and tries to manage expectations.
  • [11:10] If you’re not growing, learning, and challenging yourself as an entrepreneur than your team isn’t doing it either. Her biggest challenge is getting out of her own way.
  • [12:59] Stepping out of your own way is also stepping out of your comfort zone so you can grow.
  • [15:08] To build a successful team, you need to look for the gaps and then build from there. Paige also tries to focus on diversity.
  • [15:35] We can teach skills, but a lot of times it’s difficult to teach behaviors and mentalities..
  • [17:23] The more women see other women lift each other up the better we will all be.
  • [18:03] Culture is everything and people create culture.
  • [22:30] Leaders set the vision of the organization. The vision can shift and change as the company grows. Paige’s strengths are morphing the organization into what it is meant to be and helping customers with their challenges.
  • [23:59] She has the gift of helping other people see what’s possible. She’s also a competitor and wants to win.
  • [25:45] She challenges herself everyday. One of her weaknesses is thinking she has limitations when she doesn’t or having unnecessary fears.
  • [27:20] Communication is critical for a leader.
  • [30:51] Paige exercises, writes, looks at what she is trying to accomplish, and sometimes drinks wine to combat stress.
  • [32:53] Be present or take a step back and see where you are.
  • [34:29] Let your team know what you are working on and focus on the human aspect. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed.
  • [36:04] Networking and building a personal brand is paramount for the new company to succeed. It’s important to constantly be out there.
  • [37:37] Paige does a ton of work on LinkedIn.
  • [38:05] She loves to meet people face-to-face and in-person.
  • [39:17] Learning for Paige is fine-tuning what she is good at.
  • [40:13] Go for it and pursue your dreams. You never know what you are capable of until you put yourself in that situation.

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