The host of Women Worldwide, Deirdre Breakenridge, welcomes her guest to the show, Audrey Taylor Gonzalez.  Audrey is an accomplished author, and, at 76 years of age, is launching her new book, South of Everything, a powerful parable about the changing South after World War II.

On the show, Audrey discusses her experiences; from her travels and volunteerism to her poetry and writing, and the inspiration behind her life’s work. She shares her thoughts on what it is like to work with prison inmates, as an ordained minister, and how she was selected by the governor of Tennessee as a Commissioner on TCCY (Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth).  Audrey imparts advice on living your life to the fullest and you can overcome the disappointments you may face..

A little more about Audrey Taylor Gonzalez…Audrey has been a journalist, TV host, art gallery owner, racehorse breeder, mountain climber, world traveler, breast cancer survivor, and the first woman to be ordained to holy orders in the Southern Cone of South America in Uruguay.

You can learn more about Audrey on her website and connect with Audrey on Instagramand Facebook.