Fibroids will affect 70% to 80% of women at some point in their lives. For some, it’s a very serious condition that requires surgery and lifestyle changes. Yet, many aren’t familiar with the condition and don’t know how to get help even when they are experiencing symptoms. My guest today is Saterial Venable.

Sateria was diagnosed with fibroids in her 20’s. She had trouble finding information about the condition and treatment options. She became her own advocate and is now a patient advocate for all women suffering from fibroids. She began her working career as an architect, but it was her calling to be a patient advocate, entrepreneur, founder, and social media strategist. She started The Fibroid Foundation and is passionately helping women find the answers and treatment that they so desperately need.

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Show Notes

  • [02:42] Sateria is an architect who doesn’t have a medical background.
  • [02:53] She was diagnosed with uterine fibroids when she was in her 20s. This health challenge is what brought her here to us today.
  • [03:24] After being diagnosed, she began searching for solutions.
  • [04:16] A lot of women don’t even know what fibroids are. It was much more far-reaching than she had realized.
  • [04:36] She first started a blog and then a non-profit.
  • [06:06] 70% of all women will develop fibroids at some point in their lifetimes. In the African American community it is 80%.
  • [06:55] Annual healthcare cost in the US is in the billions.
  • [08:20] Fibroids are triggered by hormonal surges. Reducing hormonal intake can slow the growth.
  • [09:39] The surgery is very invasive and it takes 8 weeks to 7 months to heal. Fibroids can also grow back.
  • [10:26] Satoria had success by changing her diet.
  • [10:56] Her foundation provides education to women in several countries.
  • [12:28] They vet fibroid specialists, but one of the frustrations is trying to help women where there aren’t any specialists available.
  • [14:09] Challenges as a social entrepreneur include making the vision a reality. She had to believe and focus to make her dream come true.
  • [17:02] Reiki is energy healing. It’s a focus of intention of healing.
  • [18:13] Satoria reached out to a reiki specialist and became a believer and a practitioner.
  • [19:19] Naprapathy is also a technique she uses along with yoga. Eastern medicine is very helpful.
  • [20:41] Medical interventions may also be necessary using Western medicine.
  • [25:35] Satoria tries to be caring and inclusive with her team. It’s important for her to incorporate healthy practices into their work environment. They focus on self-care and wholeness.
  • [28:54] Compassion and being sensitive to the plight of others are a couple of Satoria’s greatest strengths.
  • [31:06] Fundraising takes a lot of effort. Networking has helped her the most because people like to interact with people. Develop relationships and make sure your partners see the value and what you are doing.
  • [32:57] Their Facebook fundraisers have been a wonderful area of support.
  • [34:23] Social media has been very pivotal in fundraising. Especially, now that she has the platforms in place.
  • [36:10] Success looks like being able to help a woman in distress who needs help.
  • [38:11] Being able to provide that comfort is why Satoria is here.
  • [40:02] Satoria’s mom let her be her. Her mentor was her uncle who she lived with after college. He was an angel who touched her life.
  • [43:02] Follow your natural inclination and devote specific focus to what you are trying to achieve. Follow your bliss.
  • [44:21] We have the ability to bring things in the world that have never been done before.

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