Ai Ching Goh CEO of Piktochart shares her story from corporate America to start up and getting rid of her Monday morning blues. Building a strong, and supportive culture at Piktochart required frequent internal sharing and collaboration that has helped to build a friendly working environment in different regions around the world. For Ai Ching, now Monday mornings are filled with smiles and laughter. Ai Ching also offers her advice on tackling major challenges in your career and life, and how to avoid getting burned out, when you live the dream as an entrepreneur and business owner.  Listen Now

Goh Ai ChingA little more about Ai Ching Goh

Ai Ching graduated with a degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of Bristol. She has since “experimented” with Investment Banking and Media at P&G. She considers herself an enthusiast in social enterprises, crowdfunding, and growth hacking. She is also very keen on supporting startups.

Ai Ching and her husband, Andrea Zaggia, launched Piktochart in 2012, as a web-based infographic application, allowing users who don’t have any intensive design experience to create professional grade infographics, using themed templates. Their self-funded start up grew quickly from 2 people to 45+ employees today, and the platform serves over 3 million users.

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