Did you know that it’s not only possible to achieve your lifelong dreams, but the process of doing so will increase your success and competency in other areas of your life too? This is exactly what happened to today’s guest Karen Brown. Karen was successful, but she always felt she was missing out on a calling or purpose. She also was always drawn to Ironman races. One day, it finally hit her that her calling was to compete in an Ironman race.

She did this, and the challenge and discipline of preparing for the race improved her life in other areas. She was even able to take what she learned along the way and use it to focus on leadership coaching. This conversation with Karen is really inspirational. She shares knowledge based on science that we can all use to shift our mindset and use the power of our subconscious thoughts to create any habits we want. Karen is an expert in leadership and professional performance and the author of Unlimiting Your Beliefs: 7 Keys to Greater Success in Your Personal & Professional Life. She shares so much truth and knowledge in this episode that you won’t want to miss it.

Show Notes:

  • [03:32] Karen was climbing the corporate ladder as a leader for about 20 years. She had the outward trappings of success, but she felt like something was missing.
  • [04:01] She was feeling a lack of purpose. She was wondering what this was all really about.
  • [04:20] Whenever she watched the Ironman World Championships on TV, she felt these emotions.
  • [05:00] 1982 was a dramatic Ironman year for women.
  • [05:53] Watching the Ironman made Karen wonder if she had something inside her similar to that in which she hasn’t tapped into yet.
  • [06:51] Karen truly believes that she was meant to do the Ironman World Championships because it was the toughest thing that she could fathom at the time.
  • [07:11] It forced her to stretch and expand her comfort zone. It became her personal growth and development vehicle of choice.
  • [07:53] She thought that professional capabilities and personal goals and dreams were completely separate, but they are actually inextricably linked.
  • [08:15] The doorway to being able to access her abilities came through achieving a lifelong dream.
  • [08:30] Once Karen stepped into the pursuit of her dream, she was able to elevate.
  • [09:14] All of us have a lifelong dream whether we admit it to ourselves or not.
  • [09:35] There are scientific reasons why we tend to back away. Yet this is the exact thing we need to do in order to transform.
  • [10:27] People limit themselves because they are scared. Our unconscious mind makes it a behavioral pattern kind of like a habit. The pattern of limiting beliefs repeats itself.
  • [11:47] Our default pattern is not to try something new.
  • [13:43] Women’s typical limiting belief is some version of I’m not enough, while men feel like they have to do everything themselves and can’t ask for help.
  • [15:23] Conscious thoughts are actually gateways into our unconscious mind. We also compare ourselves to other people who are already doing that big goal. This is called comparison bias.
  • [17:11] Our subconscious mind is the most simplistic yet powerful machine. It will believe and carry out anything we tell it.
  • [18:46] Conquering limited beliefs is a three-step technique.
  • [19:08] We also need to tap into our dreams and harness the power of our unconscious mind.
  • [20:16] We need to do whatever it takes. Have “No Discipline” or the ability to say no to the distractions and things that will get you off-track from achieving that lifelong dream.
  • [22:41] Feedback is always tainted with our own personal filters and values. Think of it as perspective.
  • [23:58] Change your company’s feedback system to a prospective system. Other people’s perspectives are the best way for us to see things in a different way. This is a gift that allows us to grow and change.
  • [25:17] Women will hold their thoughts back in the boardroom until they’ve thought out every option. Men just talk on the fly.
  • [26:34] Comparison bias. Our subconscious is also judging. Once we understand how our operating system works, we are really only in competition with ourselves.
  • [28:53] Once you know yourself better and know how unconscious behavior patterns are formed, it’s so much easier to change them.
  • [30:32] It’s common in our culture to look for a quick fix instead of looking inside of ourselves.
  • [31:19] We need to be present when we are talking to people and really listening.
  • [33:03] The younger generation immediately switches into the how. It gets in their way and stops them from harnessing the power of their unconscious minds and coming up with incredible solutions.
  • [35:33] During Karen’s journey with Ironman, she learned how to manage distractions.
  • [38:31] Part of Karen’s morning routine includes getting enough sleep. Then she wakes up early, works out, and has quiet time. She spends at least 30 to 45 minutes learning or whatever she feels like doing in the moment.
  • [40:55] Pay attention to whatever your lifelong dream is and put it front and center. It’s the key to everything you’re looking for.
  • [41:50] Our unconscious mind can carry out anything that we think up.

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